Twitter, Facebook up and working

I’ve added my Twitter link to the right widget column and my Facebook link to the left column.  Please help me jump the Facebook blog hurdle by confirming I am the author of this blog by clicking here.  Then, friend me on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter.  I’ll be doing more stuff on both this week!  Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Twitter, Facebook up and working”

  1. Hi Chuck! I read your blog in Outreach Magazine about membership. I agree and disagree with your thoughts. In my first church plant we looked at the whole idea of membership and decided as you did, that membership was not a biblical concept and scraped the whole idea and went with your word of “Participants”. Later, however, when I was preparing to plant a second church, I read 1 Corinthians 12, again. There I found the word “Member”, but it was a different kind of member than I had ever understood in the context of church. Member, as Paul understands it is indeed a participant, but it is even more. Member, according to Paul is belonging (to the body), participating (with the body), and ultimately going (in the same direction as the body and the head, which is Christ). However, member and membership has so much baggage in our culture (i.e. gym, video or club membership) that if we use the word much teaching will have to be done in order to change the mindset of what membership is in our churches.

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