The sharp point of the spear

 I spoke at a conference last year where I told our church’s story about how we were attempting to transform our community.  I mentioned that we had started a Boys and Girls Club in our church.  During the Q&A after my talk, I was asked, “How many people in your church are actually involved with what you’re doing?”  Fair question, and my response was “about 10%.”  The questioner acted as if 10% really didn’t count as “the whole church” being involved.  Which got me to thinking about spears.

A spear has a sharp point, not a broad blade.  Most of the time in churches we think we need a broad blade — lots of people involved in every ministry we start.  But, when you really think about it, new ministries mostly are “spear-shaped.”  The leading edge of the spear is sharp, pointed, and thin.  

Behind that sharp point the spear fans out into a triangle shape.  Broader support to give heft to the sharp point of the spear.  That’s the way I see innovative ministry — a few people take the lead with the support of a wider group behind them.  Every challenge doesn’t need a broad blade; some challenges call for the sharp point of the spear.  

So, the next time someone seems to question the legitimacy of a ministry because “everybody” is not involved, remind them of the spear.  Sometimes all you need is a sharp point.

One thought on “The sharp point of the spear”

  1. Ten percent is an awesom number. I’m in the middle of a doctoral program at Southern Seminary working on enlsiting and training people to engage in community ministry. I have been deeply involved in community affairs about 8 years -having served at Community Baptist for over 17 years now. God has blessed our ministry in the community. Frankly, the church has seen good days and better days and some not so good days. BUT, we have earned a reputation as a church that prays, and a church that cares.
    Ten percent is an awesome number and I really like the end of the spear analogy!

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