Three E’s Converge

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I wrote about the impending crises in the three E’s — energy, environment, and economy — several weeks ago. This weekend we saw all three converge, vying for media coverage with each other.  Hurricane Ike hit Texas and the Gulf Coast; gas prices spiked with gas rationed in some areas; and, the financial markets are taking a hit today.  Lessons we are learning include:


  • The price of oil per barrel is not the only thing driving gas prices higher.
  • The broader financial crisis is not over, and more bad news is coming.
  • The environment — including natural disasters — impacts us in a number of ways.
  • All of the 3-E’s provide opportunities for outreach and ministry.
Christine Sine has a great post on our response as Christians to these events.  In part Christine says —
I really have been wondering about this as I have followed the path of Hurricanes Gustave and Ike and then watched the stock markets crash all over the world this morning.  Yet of the numerous Christian blogs I have followed over the weekend only one has had a post with a prayer and a thought for those whose lives have been devastated by these tragedies.  I feel that most of my blogging friends are living in a glass shell where the world and all that happens in it does not really exist. 
The 3-E’s are issues that affect our churches, our communities, and our world.  We need to think about how the changing future alters our current plans.  Let me know what your church is thinking in light of the 3-E’s. 

5 thoughts on “Three E’s Converge”

  1. Christine does bring up an interesting post. There are some other considerations. Just because one chooses not to blog about an issue or even post a prayer on-line doesn’t mean that one doesn’t care. Also, I do not believe that my blog is the proper platform for prayer.

    Personally, I have been very concerned about Hurricane Ike in part due to the fact we have family in the area. At least 2 blogs I have mentioned Ike.

  2. Chuck thanks for the link. It really does concern me that our blogs often reflect very little of everyday events. And I was talking about doing more than praying. I think that prayer is the very least that we should be doing. I think that we all need to be involved in constructive ways.

  3. Dee, thanks for your comment. You can see from Christine’s reply that she has a broader concern than just prayer. Both of you are on the same page, I think. And, it’s a good reminder that there is a real world out there for us to engage with. -Chuck

  4. I have been looking at my posts and discovered that there is one issue that I have written quite a bit about: dyslexia, ADHD & other disabilities. This is an area that many with in the church choose to ignore, overlook or just dismiss as bad behavior.

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