Month: July 2008

Too much theology on tap

With all the talk about churches meeting in bars, and Bible studies over beer, ABC has an interesting story about a Christian couple who tried to turn an English pub into, well, a pub.  But with no swearing, gambling, darts or other “pub-like” behavior.  Patrons hated it, and the owners fired the couple.

Which brings me to a thought — maybe bars and Bibles don’t mix.  Don’t get me wrong, I think we ought to reach out and engage folks wherever we can.  But there is a basic incompatibility with the barlife and the Christian life.  People go to bars to drink, smoke, gamble (pool, liar’s poker, sports, etc), and let their hair down.  Last time I checked, this is not what we do at church.

Granted, we might draw a bigger crowd at church if we had a few cold ones on ice, but the point of church is not to draw a crowd.  If we just want to draw a crowd, there are lots of things we could do.  But I’m thinking, we ought to leave the bar business to the bars.  After all, Jesus promised living water, not a cold Sam Adams.

Two blogs I always read…and one new one

I pared down my Google reader list several weeks ago.  I was trying to keep up with too many blogs, too many bloggers, and too many categories.  Now I have 5 categories — culture, emerging church, marketing, simple life, and small church — 33 subscriptions in all, down from about 100.

But, even with my reduced list, I still don’t get to read everybody everyday.  Sometimes I hit the ‘mark as read’ button and just start over the next day.  (Sorry, but it’s true.)  But, there are two blogs I always read — Seth Godin and anything Kevin Kelly writes.  Seth always has a pithy, slightly off-beat post.  Which you might expect from the guy who wrote “All Marketers Are Liars” and “Purple Cow” and so on.  Kevin Kelly is one of the founders of Wired magazine, a Christian, and an amazing thinker.

Now I’ve added one new blog to my list, Reaching the Online Generation.  The guys at CityTeam have some really good ideas about using the wired world to reach people for Christ.  Now, in my setting I don’t get to use all their ideas, but I don’t get to use all of Seth Godin’s or Kevin Kelly’s either.  I just find them interesting.  Hope you do, too.