The Community Center Opens to Rave Reviews

Our new community center opened last week to rave reviews! Over 125 people attended the opening ceremony on Monday, May 19. Over 320 attended our Grand Opening Gala on Thursday, May 22. After 3 years of dreaming, planning, building, and preparing our new $3-million state-of-the-art community center is open for business. Click here for a slide show of opening day.

7 thoughts on “The Community Center Opens to Rave Reviews”

  1. Hi there,
    I am a Pastor who shares a similar vision and passion with you. I would love to talk and learn from your experiences in bringing the Community Center to fruition. We are a ministry that is preparing to look for property and begin the process of creating a community center / church facility (it will be used for church but not look like a church) in our community. Anything you could do to help us with the learning curve would be a true blessing.

    Please contact me at your earliest opportunity if you would like to help.

    Pastor Jeff Pearson
    Stevensville, MD


  2. Hi there. I am in the process of registering as a non-proft organisation. What i’d like to do is start up community development centres. I’d like all information that you could possibly assist me with. Also would like to know more about your programmes and the plan for the centre.

  3. In searching for answers about how to build a community center and/or where to start; I stumbled across your page, and was very inspired from what you had to share.
    If you are willing please contact me, as I am at the very beginning stages of community center planning (if it’s even fair to say that).
    God is able to impact our communities if we’re willing to put in the work. I am willing to work, but have not the expertise. Your help would truly be appreciated. God bless!

  4. I would love to learn about how to build a community center. I’m starting to make plans for one in our community. Could you contact me? Or provide a way to contact you? I would really appreciate it. Sana Donofry in Fairbanks, Alaska.

  5. Good Afternoon,
    Thank you, for graciously sharing, your insight, experiencing and wisdom from building the community center in Chatham. Our mission ministry is in the planning process to design and build a community center/church in our rural community in Haiti. My husband and I, are both Pastors, serving full-time along with our three children and staff in a community of roughly 55,000 precious people. May I ask you to please contact me to help us glean wisdom from your experience?

    Thank you dearly,

    Pastor Sabrina Villemenay
    Love God Love People Missions International

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