Thru the Bible on Wed nights


Wednesday nights follow a typically Baptist schedule at our church. We meet for dinner at 5:45 PM, followed by prayer and Bible study at 6:30 PM, and choir at 7:30 PM. About 25-30 folks attend on an average Wednesday night, and we enjoy the time of midweek fellowship together. This year I decided we would cover the entire Bible on Wednesday nights during the hour we have for prayer and Bible study. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • I developed a 50-week schedule to move from Genesis thru Revelation in 2008.
  • I hand out a simple outline of the book(s) covered that evening.
  • A key verse is identified which characterizes the book.
  • We look for the overall “story” a book is telling, rather than the details.

Since we announced this Thru the Bible in 2008 study, our attendance and enthusiasm on Wednesday nights has increased. Of course, a study like this only hits the highest-of-the-high points, so you have to lower your expectations on covering detail. But, covering a book a week in less than 45-minutes is an exciting way to get a 30,000-foot view of the Bible. Have you ever done anything like this, and if so, what did you experience?

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  1. I’ve been lurking on this blog for ages- and I’m frequently challenged and inspired by the ideas, as I work for a small church as well, although not as a pastor. This one though, is the best yet. Is there any remote possibility that you could post a copy of the plan? Our house group may be very open to this sort of thing.

    Many thanks.

    Andy in Germany

  2. Andy, thanks for “lurking” for a while and now commenting. Yes, I’ll post the plan and hope it gives you some help. The outlines of each book I develop each week, usually by streamlining an existing outline from a commentary or the internet — just google “outline of ________” and you’ll be amazed at the outlines available. Also, we cover more than one book on some Wednesdays, but group the multiple books by type. For example, this week we’re doing Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther. Thanks, and stop by often. Let me know how the plan goes with your house group. Chuck

  3. Chuck –

    This is something that more churches should be doing. We’ve lost the art of telling the “story” of books of the Bible. I’m glad to see you’re implemeting it in your church. May God bless you these next 50 or so weeks.

  4. Hi, Sam, good to hear from you. Yes, folks seem to be enjoying the big picture. Tonight we covered Ezra and Nehemiah — I decided to save Esther for its own night because I really like that story. Thanks for your word of encouragement. -Chuck

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