Share your outreach ideas that worked

Outreach magazine Outreach magazine has asked me to write a piece about great small church outreach ideas.  Outreach’s Jan/Feb issue premiered the section, “Small Church, Big Idea,” featuring small church outreach ideas that worked.

Here’s where you come in:  I need your ideas and your church could be featured in an upcoming issue.  Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Great outreach ideas for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduation, summer vacation, church camp, or any other idea that worked during summer months.
  • Email me with an overview:  What problem were you trying to solve, what steps did you take, what results did you have, and how would you improve the effort next time.
  • Send along the church name, contact info including phone and email, church size (remember:  small church means attendance under 300), and location.

I wish I could give you a prize if your idea is chosen, but at the very least you get to share your idea with thousands of Outreach readers.   Plus, you’ll get credit for the idea and can help others find similar success.   Email me at chuckwarnock [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thanks and keep those cards and letters coming!

3 thoughts on “Share your outreach ideas that worked”

  1. I believe until we get our people to understand the concept of reaching within the church they will not have what is necessary to reach outside to those in the church community. Compassion begins at “home”. Love is reaching out to those around you and developing strong bonds and community within the church. If we cannot take care of those hurting and in spiritual or finiancial difficulty around us, we are not ready to proceed into another community. Taking care of those who are absent with cards, visitation, a telephone call, or an email will develop a compassionte spirit within us. Visiting those in the hospitals or sending them a card connects us with those in our own congregation. Baking bread and giving to those who attend the first time is a way to show simple hospitality a church has toward newcomers. We must reach to those close around us and begin to prepare our hearts for those who are outside our local church community. When we try to help others, and neglect our church family, we are sending mixed messages.

  2. We have recently began an outreach program within our church that has not been tested and tried at this time. However, here is how we began this process of reaching to others. We felt it was best to begin within our own congregation. Hopsitality has become established within the church to those who attend. Newcomers are given a card with an ink pen (church information is on this) to complete and return the card only. We give them a loaf of home baked bread. These visits are followed with a welcome letter. Those regular church attenders within the church who are absent are sent a card once a month. We send birthday cards to all church attenders and anniversary cards to couples. These are small things we do to take card of our own people and to strengtehn the bond of community among our own people.

    We have now begun a visitation program to reach out into the community. We purchases a lisitng of names within a mile radius of the church. We sent these names a card to invite them to our church as an back to school welcome this past Fall. We meet at the church on Thursdays to go our in pairs to these homes. Each couple is given 5 cards. Four of these cards are contacts from the listing, and one card is from someone who has been absent in the congregation. This program is new to us, therefore we have not been able to measure any success at this time.

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