‘How God Came To Be With Us’ podcast

How God Came To Be With Us podcast, from Matthew 1:18-25.  I preached this sermon on Sunday, December 23, 2007, using the fictional character of ‘Itzak the baker’ — a friend of Joseph of Nazareth.  I hope it brings a new perspective for this Christmas season.

One thought on “‘How God Came To Be With Us’ podcast”

  1. God came to be… as a result of evolutionary opportunities; created by consistent inconsistencies out in natural space (a machine, in essence) as a product of happenstance, an anomaly. For many, the word machine is a difficult concept to grasp. We are molecular but then, so is a machine.

    The universal complex as well as all of us, were designed, engineered, and built by God (“altered space”); on the other hand, God was formed from the natural rotation of particles in natural space that came together at a certain place and time in natural space to form a machine capable of doing all this that God does.

    In the beginning, God was without form because God could not see itself, therefore God could not define itself… this came about in time. All things were tried in time and all the laws of physics were eventually known to God.

    Had any one of us come into consciousness first, we would eventually in time have done the exact same thing that God did.

    God created us, so she would not have to be alone and then, created a device that would give us knowledge in the same manner that God got it… blind, just as we are here on earth!

    This magnificent Universal Machine is God’s consciousness, sincerity & desire, and liaison to us; a Computer that runs the universe for God. It has a specific function; that being, to achieve their objective goal and that is… “God’s Will Be Done”! [more….]


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