Day: December 21, 2007

Friday free-for-all: images, ideas, inspiration and it’s all free!

Click thru these brooklyn-storefront-church.jpg100 photos of storefront churches in Brooklyn.  The church is alive and well and being reinvented by lots of people in contextual ways.  Very encouraging.  New expressions of church are happening in lots of places and cultures, and these are as authentic as you’ll find. 

Send Steve Taylor a postcard of your emerging church community.  In January, he’ll post up them up with comments to 4 questions he’s asking.  Steve wrote The Out of Bounds Church, which is worth the price of the book just for the last story in it. 

Three Advent videos that are free for downloading from Andy Michael.   

See Jonny Baker’s blog for a reimagination of the traditional 9 lessons and carols.  Jonny also writes about worship tricks, which is not at all like stupid pet tricks. 

Real Live Preacher is going to the Dominican Republic to install water purification systems.  You can help provide drinkable water for the YWAM headquarters there.  Plus, RLP has a great story there, too. 

Debbie has a heart-warming story about the Christmas that she and her family spent in Hong Kong. 

My sermon may not go up until Saturday, as ole Sandy Claus still has some stuff to do today!  Merry Christmas…