Day: December 19, 2007

My church isn’t small, it’s mid!

I am proposing a new set of labels to describe a church’s size —

  • Mega-church.  Size: 1000+.  Everybody knows this term, because it’s already in use, so this is an easy one.
  • Meso-church.  Size:  300-to-999.  Meso, according to Wikipedia, means middle or intermediate.  So, this is the in-between size church.  In between mega– and mid-which I am now getting to.
  • Mid-church.  Size: 60-299.  This is “the-size-formerly-known-as-small.”  Mid- is a median size church according to A Field Guide to U. S. Congregations.  The median size church has 200 involved in church, and about 90 in attendance on any given Sunday.  That’s my church, and that size is the mid-point for all churches in the U. S., hence midchurch
  • Micro-church.  Size:  under-60.  This size includes a lot of family churches, and face-to-face groups like house churches.  NBC did a piece on micro-churches here.

Notice that we have four Ms here.  Could almost be a sermon.  But I think this new taxonomy will provide some relief to those of us in churches-formerly-known-as-small.  Now when you go to the pastors’ conference next week, you can exclaim — “I’m pastor of a mid-church.”  Sounds better, don’t you think?  Plus, it’s true, which is always a good thing.  Anybody want to join The Society for the Redesignation of Small Church to Mid-church?