Day: December 13, 2007

Re-post: Sermon for Dec 16, the 3rd Sunday in Advent

Okay, let’s try this again.  I had a link failure last time, so here is the corrected link to my sermon for this coming Sunday, Dec 16, 2007, A Highway for the People of God, from Isaiah 35:1-10.  My apologies for the goof-up, which I am sure was entirely my fault, and which I cannot figure out.  Happy Advent!

‘What we’re doing’ now on new pages

You might have noticed 3 new page tabs at the top of Confessions of A Small-Church Pastor.  I’ve added About Our Church , Sermons, etc, and The Abbey Church as permanent pages. 

  • About Our Church is the story of what we’re doing here at Chatham Baptist Church, with links to media clips and articles that have featured our ministries. 
  • Sermons, etc is a page linking to my sermon blog, Chuck Warnock: Sermons, etc.
  • The Abbey Church is the concept guiding us, and it’s based on the old Celtic Christian abbeys which served their communities as the center of worship, art, commerce, hospitality, and help.  So, poke around and let me know what you think.