Day: December 10, 2007


Thanks to Tim Hyde of LivingOS for this link to  Click thru to see the 30-second video I put together using — it’s a 30-second tour of our work with the Boys and Girls Club including the dedication of the new community center. Take a look! Unfortunately, this free WordPress format won’t show it here, so click here to see Reach.

“A Dwelling Glorious” podcast

A Dwelling Glorious podcast, based on Isaiah 11:1-10 for the second Sunday in Advent, December 9, 2007. 

Monday mashup: Community

mashitup.jpgI’ve been thinking about this idea for sometime, so here’s the first of what I hope will be regular Monday mashups — related ideas, links, and stuff that you can mashup for your own ministry. 

Today’s topic:  community.

  • Definition of mashup, for starters. 
  • Church of the Customer post on community, from a business/marketing POV.  How we think about community.
  • Jonny Baker reimagines the traditional 9 lessons-and-carols as alternative worship here and here.  How we do creative worship for the community.
  • Read Seth Godin’s blog on monopolies, then read take some time to poke around Larry Lessig’s blog about copyright, creative commons, and the future of how intellectual property will be shared.  Takes some digging but has real implications for how we do creativity.  Hint:  we live in a gift economy now.   How we value things in community is the idea here.
  • Ubercool says rude behavior is part of the new casual.  How we act in community is changing. 

What do you think?  See my trends blog, or my one-stop blog for more stuff. 

Our new church website

Our new church website is up at  A few days ago I posted 10 Things Your Church Website Should Do.  We’re up to about 6 of those, and adding more stuff weekly. 

For the geek squad out there, the site is a WordPress template, modified by Nathan White of Bridge Vision Web Ministries.  I like WordPress — easy to add posts or pages, photos, or edit the page arrangement. 

In the future, we’ll add more photos, sermons, videos, and a social networking component of some kind.  I just wanted you to know that we’re trying to do what I’m telling others to do.  Isn’t always easy or perfect, but we’re trying!