Friday free-for-all: Lots of trends from lots of places

Now that I’ve solved some technical challenges, like getting my blog aggreagator going at, I’m back to snipping trends that have church implications — here are the latest that caught my attention —

  • Pangea Day — a day when film brings the world together to solve problems. You can sign up to host the event live (all you need is an internet connection and digital projector and popcorn).  I signed up our soon-to-be-finished community center. 
  • Primordial soup — Evolution continues evolving….check out today’s post from TED re this issue which is ever with us. 
  • Pop-up stores — this idea keeps coming!  I posted about this on Amicus Dei earlier, but here’s another example.  Anybody doing pop-up church?
  • The people we have been waiting for — Read Thomas Friedman’s (The World Is Flat) article in the NY Times about how college kids are building a 200-mpg car and they’re doing it now!  Non-expert entrepreneurship, collaboration, and global problem solving all at once.  Click thru and go to the actual site for some really cool photos and info. 

Okay, that’s enough for today.  Stay tuned for more!