Advent resources

Wednesday we put up the Chrismon tree at our church.  The story is that the Chrismon Tree idea came from a church in Danville, Virginia, about 15-miles south of here.  Last year we moved the tree from the fellowship hall into the sanctuary, and people liked it.  Lots of folks showed up to help this year.  We played a nice Christmas cd over the sound system, assembled the tree, filled it with handmade Chrismons, and had cake afterward.  A nice evening spent with some wonderful friends, as we anticipated the coming of the Christ Child together.   

The Voice is an excellent site with very good Advent resources, including sermons, Advent devotionals, explanation of Advent, notes on the Advent wreath, and much more.  David Bratcher has pulled together some very helpful information.  Whether you are observing Advent at your church for the first time or the fiftieth time, you’ll find helpful stuff at The Voice. 

I’ve been MIA this week because I’m finishing a writing assignment which is due tomorrow.  I’ll post my sermon tomorrow as well.   Peace to you as Advent comes!

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