Day: November 14, 2007

Five trends changing the way we live

You have got to see this slideshow from PSFK, a trend watching company out of the UK. They nail some of the emerging trends in the consumer world, which has big implications for church.  Piers Fawkes identifies these five trends changing the consumer world:

  1. Good food.  Healthier, fewer ingredients, natural, easy, and fun.
  2. Craft.  Reusing, recycling, reclaiming, reducing, and redesigning everything from clothes to furniture to art to you-name-it.  Handmade is in, machine-made is out.
  3. Pro-service, anti-product.  Do you need an explanation here?
  4. Local.  Buy local, eat local, have fun locally.  Locavore is the hot new word — one who eats locally raised food. 
  5. Taking control.  Ditto #3. 

(Click here to go to Slideshare, then click full screen for best viewing.)