Day: November 8, 2007

Live blogging NOC07!

I’m at NOC07 and we kicked off tonight with the Charlie Hall Band and Miles McPherson of The Rock Church here in San Diego.  About 2500 people are here, the exhibit hall is full of great resources, and I’m going to post each day some of the great stuff that goes on.

images.jpgMiles McPherson, former NFL player for the San Diego Chargers and now pastor of The Rock Church here in San Diego delivered the keynote address tonight.  Actually, that’s not true….Miles preached!  And what a great message based on the book of Daniel.  Here are some of the quotes I picked up:

  • Addressing preachers:  “We’re all in the ministry, but we’re all still little kids.”
  • Telling about how their church opened its doors to the San Diego wildfire evacuees:  “The reason you exist is to help people running from the fire.” 
  • Talking about the sparkle of diamonds:  “The bling in a diamond is how the light shines through the flaws.” 
  • Referring to God’s calling Moses because God heard the cries of His people:  “When God gives you an idea, it’s because someone is crying.”
  • Challenging the crowd to find God’s dream for their lives:  “What God wants for you is not on a DVD yet.” 
  • Cautioning pastors not to get bogged down in overthinking what God calls them to do:  “We want to know the facts, but God wants us to know the Father.”
  • Finally, challenging us to move out in ministry:  “God will know you by your bling!”

In addition to Miles, World Vision invited each attendee to come by their booth and assemble Caregiver kits.  These caregiver kits are shipped to Africa and other countries where AIDS is epidemic.  Local caregivers use the kits to provide basic medical care for those infected with HIV.  Tomorrow I am the facilitator for the Small Church affinity group, which is a really fancy way of saying that folks who are interested in small church stuff can show up at 7:30 AM and we’ll see if we can find some coffee together.  Friday I lead the workshop, Small Church, Big Impact:  Creating Missional Partnerships in Your Community.  More from NOC07 tomorrow…I’m jetlagged tonight!