Day: October 17, 2007

Free techie stuff for church and ministry

I am about to tell you more than I know about some cool new tech stuff for your church and ministry.  And, it’s all free.  I am not a techie, so do not email me with dense questions.  I am passing on some innovative, usable tech tools that look good to me.  Here’s the list:

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The family that eats together…

Today’s New York Times features an article about families eating together.  Multiple research over many years indicates that eating a family meal together several times a week —

  •  Connects family members to each other;
  •  Results in healthier food choices than when eating alone;
  • Helps prevent eating disorders among teenage girls;
  • Produces kids who are less likely to smoke, drink alcohol, or do drugs.

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A great story

If you’re looking for a great story about going the second mile, or doing unto others, or just being nice, thanks to Seth Godin for sharing this one.  It’s worth the read, believe me.