Day: October 15, 2007

Great resources for making a difference

Thanks to Zondervan for pulling together the following list of resources for Christians interested in changing everything from the environment to consumerism to peace to the global effort of the United Nations. 

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Community Center in progress

Here are the latest photos of the community center we’re building on Main Street in Chatham.  I founded Chatham Community Center as of Oct 12, 2007a non-profit, Chatham Cares, in 2005.  In 2006 we received a $3-million grant to construct a community center for the entire county.  This is the only recreation facility in our county of 60,000 people that is not a school.  This effort is part of our commitment to be the abbey church in our community, and to collaborate with other groups to transform our town.   A sketch of the building and groundbreaking photos are here