Day: October 6, 2007

You Don’t Need More Faith

You Don’t Need More Faith – mp3

Luke 17:5-10 (background Luke 17:1-4)

The Backstory

Here’s the scene: Jesus has just told the story of the rich man and Lazarus. You remember that story, we talked about it last week. A selfish, self-centered rich man enjoyed a life of wealth and ease, while the poor beggar Lazarus laid outside his gate with nothing to eat, and only the dogs to lick his unclean, diseased body. Lazarus dies and the angels carry him to heaven, to the side of Father Abraham. The rich man dies and goes to the land of the dead — Hades — where he is in agonizing torment.

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Sermon for Sunday, Oct 7, 2007

I just posted, You Don’t Need More Faith, my sermon for Sunday, Oct 7, 2007, taken from Luke 17:5-10.  Click here to go to my sermon blog.  Have a great day tomorrow!

— Chuck