From my blogroll this week

Some of the posts that caught my eye this week are —

  • Scot McKnight’s post on “Breathe” as a lifestyle.  Good stuff on regular “breathing” vs. cramming. 
  • A new blog, Greensboro Abbey, by Zach Roberts.  Read this explanation of emerging church terminology here.  Oh, and Zach is posting this because he’s on staff in a traditonal church, and some don’t understand the whole emerging church thing. 
  • For those who like Moleskine notebooks (I have several going at once), now you can get a cover.  Check out Cool Tools here
  • Speaking of Moleskine notebooks, Paul Soupiset has turned them into an artform.  Check out his Liturgical Sketching, plus his other sites.  Great art!
  • On God’s Politics read Jim Wallis’ “I Don’t Want to Die Rich” interview with the late Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop retail chain.  Great story of Anita coming back to faith after attending Greenbelt Christian Arts Festival in 2004. 
  • I discovered Reflections of a Jazz Theologian and I like this guy.  He’s doing a gospel jazz thing, but the whole blog is a fresh take on the good news.  Plus, you can dance to it!
  • Back to Anita Roddick — if you want to know what Greenbelt festival is, small ritual blog has some video clips.  Plus, browse around because he also has great emerging church photos, info, designs, art, etc on his sites. 
  • And finally, read Seth Godin’s post on “Let’s Make Up Some Numbers.”  I thought the title appropriate to church work, even though that’s not his point.  If you don’t know and read Seth Godin, you ought to.  In my opinion, anyway.
  • Sermon for Sunday, September 16, goes up on my sermon blog sometime before I actually get in the pulpit.  If I’m lucky.  Have a great weekend!