The power of passion

About this time of year, if your church is like ours, you’re scrapping around for folks to fill church jobs.  You need teachers, committee members, and church leaders.  And, if you’re like us, you’ll fill a lot of jobs.  But a few of those jobs will get filled by people who are passionate about them.  Those are the ministries that will grow and flourish.   Those are the people who will set the standard for your church. 

What makes passion so powerful?  Take a look and let me know what you think —

1.  Passionate people are positive.  I have seldom met anyone passionate about their church and ministry who was negative.  Passionate people believe that their ministry will thrive. 

2.  Passionate people are motivated.  They want to succeed, to grow their class, to reach out, to do their best.  Some of that motivation may be due to personality type, but I believe that most of it comes from the presence of the Spirit.  They are literally “enthused” people — they have God in them and it shows!

3.  Passionate people feel called.  This is their ministry because God called them to it, not because the nominating committee asked them to do it.  Passionate people believe that God is guiding them to take the position, teach the class, drive the bus, or tend the garden.  It is their “vocation” in the truest sense of that word.

4.  Passionate people care.  They spend hours preparing, they show up ahead of time, they arrange the room, make the cookies, decorate their class, call the entire roll — all because they care deeply about what they are doing. 

This year as you look for volunteers, look for passionate people.  If you find people who are passionate, give them your blessing and let them go.  They’ll inspire you and challenge others, raising the level of commitment and concern of your entire congregation. 

Two more descriptions:  I’m indebted to Phil for suggesting that passionate people are LOVING, and to Sam for his contribution that passionate people are CONTAGIOUS.  Thanks, guys, and let me encourage you to check out their blogs for more good stuff! — Chuck

3 thoughts on “The power of passion”

  1. Great thoughts, as always, Chuck!

    We’ve come to the conclusion at our church that if we have a serving problem, we in truth have a LOVING problem. People who love the Lord have no trouble serving. We’re focusing more attention on teaching people how and modeling love and devotion, and it’s gradually making a difference.

    Children in love with the Father do all the things you mention – great words!


  2. Chuck – may I add that passionate people are contagious. And I love it when my church members catch a fire because they saw someone else who was excited. Thanks for the reminder…we’re going through our “selection” process as well.

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