Day: September 11, 2007

Small town changes affect small churches

Things in our small town are changing — some for the better, some not.  The town drugstore, Woodfin’s Pharmacy, closed earlier this summer.   A big drugstore chain bought them out, and moved all the prescriptions two miles out of town to the new store on US 29, a major north-south highway. 

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The power of passion

About this time of year, if your church is like ours, you’re scrapping around for folks to fill church jobs.  You need teachers, committee members, and church leaders.  And, if you’re like us, you’ll fill a lot of jobs.  But a few of those jobs will get filled by people who are passionate about them.  Those are the ministries that will grow and flourish.   Those are the people who will set the standard for your church. 

What makes passion so powerful?  Take a look and let me know what you think —

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