Month: June 2007

The “Good” Awakening: our generation’s revival

If you’re interested in spiritual awakening — revival — like I am, you’ve read the accounts of The Great Awakenings in America.  Preachers, famous and unknown,  fanned out across America preaching in fields and street corners, in towns and cities, proclaiming salvation in the name of Jesus.  I have also read about the Welsh revival of the early 1900s; the Azusa Street revival which birthed modern pentecostalism; and, more recently, the Brownsville revival and the Toronto blessing of the 1990s. 

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Theology of collaboration

During my presentation at The City Mission workshop in Cleveland on Thursday, I mentioned the need to develop a theology of collaboration.  Collaboration is hot right now, and you can see evidence of folks working together in such diverse examples as wikipedia, chaos and systems theory, and barcamp.  Collaboration has the following characteristics:

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100 people who want to make a difference

Rich Trickel and me  Rich Trickel and me at The City Mission in Cleveland, Ohio

I spoke today at The City Mission in Cleveland, Ohio.  About 100 people from many different churches attended the workshop, “Building Without a Blueprint:  Walking Alongside Others to Transform a City.”   The City Mission acts as the convener for dozens of church leaders who meet together monthly, discussing ways to make a difference in Cleveland.  I was the third speaker in this series encouraging collaboration and partnerships.

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Community Center Groundbreaking

startribunephoto.jpg  Groundbreaking photo courtesy The Star Tribune

The official groundbreaking ceremony for our new community center took place today.  We had about 50 folks from our community and about 45 kids from the Boys and Girls Club.  We gave the kids “hardhats” and beach shovels, and they were our official groundbreakers today.  It was organized chaos, and there is some question about the “organized” part!  But it was great fun, and the kids did a great job of turning the dirt.

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