Community Center Groundbreaking

startribunephoto.jpg  Groundbreaking photo courtesy The Star Tribune

The official groundbreaking ceremony for our new community center took place today.  We had about 50 folks from our community and about 45 kids from the Boys and Girls Club.  We gave the kids “hardhats” and beach shovels, and they were our official groundbreakers today.  It was organized chaos, and there is some question about the “organized” part!  But it was great fun, and the kids did a great job of turning the dirt.

We thought asking the kids to do the groundbreaking was a lot more interesting than a bunch of old men in suits, and we were right.  But, we did have some “dignitaries” present — our town mayor and town council brought greetings; the president of the foundation that gave us the $3-million dollar grant spoke; county supervisors, town councilpersons, parents, Boys and Girls Club board members, our contractor, our architects, and others were our special guests.

Construction will take about 9-10 months, and we’re looking forward to moving in by spring of 2008.  I’ll keep you posted as construction progresses.  We waited for this moment for about 18-months, so it was a great afternoon in the warm Virginia sunshine. 

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  1. It was a heartwarming experience to see the children with hard hats and shovels breaking ground for what promises to be a wonderful place for the whole community.

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