The City Mission of Cleveland

For those of you who live in Cleveland, Ohio, I’ll be speaking at The City Mission next Thursday, June 7, from 10:30 am to 1 pm.  Rich Trickel, director of The City Mission, read my article, Learn To Partner in Leadership and asked me to come tell our story at their community development workshop titled, Building Without a Blueprint:  Walking Alongside Others To Transform a City

I told Rich, “I’m not an expert — all I can do is tell our story.”  Fortunately, that’s what he wants me to do, so come join us for a couple of hours of learning from each other.  You can make reservations at The City Mission website, thanks to the kind folks on staff there. 

While you’re at it, check out the ministries of The City Mission.  TCM has been doing good in God’s name since 1910, which is pretty amazing.  After I tell our story, I have asked Rich to tell me their story.  To paraphrase an old country song, The City Mission was “doin’ good before doin’ good was cool.”  I’m looking forward to learning how they have sustained and expanded their ministries for almost 100-years. 

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  1. Hey Chuck….That is so great. Spreading information and beliefs over the internet have really become a valuable tool and you have put it to use wisely and it is paying off for you. Have a safe trip and teach them well. Remember me in my journey. Teresa

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