Chatham Arts Community Music School

Chatham Arts Community Music School Concert, May 2007

Thanks to Jim Tung for photographing our Chatham Arts Community Music School Recital last Saturday, May 12, 2007.  Chatham Arts emerged from our partnership with Virginia Tech, local parents, and community leaders.  About 30 students take voice, piano, violin, cello, and guitar from world-class instructors affiliated with the Renaissance Music Academy in Blacksburg, VA.

Chatham Arts Community Music School is one of two cultural outreach projects administered by Virginia Tech’s Outreach Program.  Both projects have been very successful, and Virginia Tech is expanding its community fine arts involvement into their new Fine Arts Institute.   Here in Chatham, most lessons are held in our church, along with concerts, and the semi-annual recitals.  The idea is that small churches, partnering with others in the region and community, can make a big difference!