My church is not emerging, postmodern, or cool

I’ve been thinking about the title of this post for a long time.   Primarily because it really does describe my church.  We do not do any of the stuff that is hot, hip, or trendy now.  Actually, we probably haven’t been hot, hip, or trendy since about 1927, and that may be generous. 

But last Sunday, on Mother’s Day, four families came to the front of our sanctuary as our congregation sang Jesus Loves Me.  In their arms were four of the cutest, happiest kids you’ll ever hope to see.  Those families were there to dedicate themselves as parents, and to dedicate their children, to God.  By postmodern standards, this is not cool.   But, it was really sweet.   The parents and kids stood before our congregation and together we pledged to help nurture these children in the love of God and the Christian faith.  (See the video here.)

And today, Monday, we hosted our monthly senior adult lunch program, called the Adult Fellowship.  We had seniors from all over our community laughing, eating, and learning together.  Our church started the senior adult lunch about 20-years ago, and it’s still going strong today. 

Two ends of the spectrum — babies and seniors.  Neither group very hip or trendy.  Not a pair of narrow glasses in the bunch.  Just a lot of smiles, laughter, love, and good fun.  No couches, no Starbucks, no candles, no art.  Just people — people who love God, love each other, and are happy to see the faith handed down to the next generation. 

On second thought — that is cool.  Very cool. 

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