Day: May 8, 2007

What’s your church’s spiritual style?

Another characteristic Israel Galindo identifies in his book, The Hidden Lives of Congregations is the spiritual style of a church.  Last year a new family moved into our community and our members invited them to worship with us.  Our church has a traditional worship service with grand piano, pipe organ, and robed choir and clergy.  I met the new family before worship began, and asked them what church they had attended in Florida, before moving to Virginia.  “We were Assemblies of God, ” the father said.   During worship they sat on the second row, and looked uncomfortable the whole time.  They were nice folks, but our church had the wrong worship style for them.  They never came back. 

Spiritual style is important and involves more than just worship.  Galindo identifies 6 different spiritual styles in the lives of congregations:

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