A couple of new categories

I’ve put up two new categories — “Sermon Illustrations” and “Missional Church.” I love good stories and that’s what “Sermon Illustrations” is — good stories you can use in sermons or your blogs, or wherever. Most of the stories are my experiences, if not I’ll let you know where they came from. I would appreciate your linking to this site if you use these for your blogs or online content. I have “retrofitted” all the stories here to “Sermon Illustrations” category for your easy reference.

The second new category is “Missional Church.” I already have “Missional life” up, and that’s stuff that we live — ministries, actions, practices of individuals who are demonstrating Kingdom living by their lives. “Missional Church” is different and is about what churches are doing from a missional perpsective — in other words, broader issues such as culture, postmodernism, emerging and all that stuff with a missional flavor.

I hope these are helpful and would like your thoughts.  Any other categories you’d like to include?