A voice of the homeless


Homeless Nation.org* is a Canadian website created by and for the homeless.  In their own words, here is their mission:

“Homelessness is one of the most pressing social issues facing our country today. It is the unchecked social virus growing un-prescribed, damaging our families, communities and cities. It cannot be ignored, side-stepped or spin doctored away.

There are tens of thousands of homeless people in Canada, with no address, no vote, nameless and faceless, and yet there is almost no documentation (statistical or personal) made by them or about them as a community or as individuals. If we continue to accept this status-quo of invisibility, an entire generation of homeless people will pass away without a trace.

The Homeless Nation website has been created to reverse stereotyping, to empower the street community to undertake their own representation, and to foster a national dialogue around the most serious social problem facing us today: homelessness.”

This site is NOT a ministry of a church or group of churches.  The only question I have is, why not?  How did we in the church miss the opportunity to come alongside the “street community” to be their partners? 

This is the kind of thing small churches can do.  Of course, many of us are not in urban areas, and have no homeless population.  But there are other “voiceless” groups in our communities who have dignity and worth.  Church ministry might be less about doing ministry “to” others and more about doing ministry “with” others.  What do you think? 

*Caution:   This site is an independent advocacy site, and is not entirely “G-rated” so exercise discretion.  I am using the concept, not the content of the site to illustrate my point.