Day: March 9, 2007

Random stuff you’ll like

CELEBRATE:  We’re over 10,000 page-views, so thanks to each of you for tuning in on a regular basis.  Keep telling your friends about this blog, because I think we’re on to something here!

REVIEWS:  I’ve posted reviews of two books on my missional church blog, Amicus Dei.  Michael Frost’s new book, Exiles; and, Rodney Stark’s new book, Cities of God.  Check them out if you’re looking for two good books to read.

STORIES:  My wife, Debbie, has lots of new stuff up on her blog, Goodthoughts.  You’ll find some great stories (think: sermon illustration), quotes, and photos.  Plus, she just posted her children’s book, Your Mind Has Wings, in the photo album section.  You can also see our backyard labyrinth, and photos of our town, house, and gardens.  Check it out!

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