Day: March 6, 2007

“God, why am I here?”

Ever wonder why God put you in a small church when your old seminary pals are at First Big Church?  And when you see them at a convention or seminar, they ask you, “How’s the church going?” in their sympathetic, funeral-home voice, like someone just died.  On those days when you have on your sackcloth-and-ashes, and are asking God, “Why?” — here are some things to ponder:

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What is truth?

“Jesus did not say, ‘I will speak true worlds to you’ or ‘I will tell you about the truth;’ he claimed to embody truth in his person.  To those who wished to know the truth,  Jesus did not offer propositions to be tested by logic or data to be tested in the laboratory.  He offered himself and his life.  Those who sought truth were invited into relationship with him, and through him with the whole community….”

“Because primitive Christianity revolves around personal, not propositional, truth, its richest insights come down to us in stories about people.” 

To Know As We Are Known, Parker J. Palmer, pg 47.