Month: February 2007

The pastor as poet

You’ve taken the survey, I’m sure.  You know the one — where you find out if your gifts in ministry put you in the apostle, prophet, poet, or pastor category.  I always want to be the apostle.   I can see it now, all my emails begin —

“Chuck, an apostle of Jesus Christ, to the saints in Chatham….”

Or something like that.  And guess what — I usually score apostle on this test.  I like the idea of being out there on the raw cutting edge of ministry, leading the charge to take the gospel to all the world.  Then real life rears its head, and I am reminded that I am not on my third missionary journey — I’m on my way to the hospital to see a member facing surgery.  Did Paul visit people in the hospital? 

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What does the Lord require of you?

My friend Josh is pastor of a church in Monrovia, California.  It’s a new church, planted because of an encounter with God.  Josh tells the story this way:

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Listening to stories

Our church is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.  Yep, we’ve been around since 1857.  We’re inviting former pastors (those still living of course) to speak.  To kick off our celebration which began on the last Sunday in January, Dr. Rand Forder preached.  Rand was pastor about 20-years ago, and is well-liked by our folks. 

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Just in time for the big game

My good friend from high school days, Jim Stovall, is professor of journalism at the University of Tennessee.  Peyton Manning, quarterback for Indianapolis Colts, is a former Tennessee Vol.  Beginning to see a pattern here? 

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Searching for what?

I can see stuff you can’t.  No, I don’t mean I can see stuff like Haley Joel Osment — “I see dead people.”  As my three-year-old grandson said about stuff like that — “Too scawy.”  He meant scary.  You had to be there, I guess, but it was really cute.  Anyway, although I can’t see who visits the blog, what I can see is stuff like:

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Caution: God at work

Rick Warren talks about preaching for “life change.”  Others speak of “transformational” preaching.  The goal of every preacher I know is to bring an effective message, engaging the worshippers and leading them to a new encounter with God.  It’s the “how-to” part of preaching that is hard, however.  But a book by Joel Green and Michael Pasquarello, both of Asbury Seminary, offer a helpful perspective.  The title is Narrative Reading, Narrative Preaching, and this short book provides an effective approach to the pastor’s reading and preaching of Scripture.

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