Just in time for the big game

My good friend from high school days, Jim Stovall, is professor of journalism at the University of Tennessee.  Peyton Manning, quarterback for Indianapolis Colts, is a former Tennessee Vol.  Beginning to see a pattern here? 

So, Jim’s students run a student news site, and they’re up for the big game!  Okay, before all you Bears fans come after me, my point is that Peyton isn’t just a big-time professional quarterback.  He has a foundation called “PeyBack,” and does a lot of good stuff in Indy, Tennessee, and New Orleans where he grew up, plus other places I’m sure. 

Manning’s website is obviously geared to kids, and he has good stuff on there for them in addition to football stuff.  In this day of multi-million dollar, professional athletes acting like spoiled babies, Peyton sets a nice example.  Peyton is also a person of faith and wears it well. 

Okay, I’m sure da Bears have someone just like Peyton who does good stuff.  Bears’ fans — you’re up.  Tell us about your Bear hero and I’ll cut-and-paste it to this post. 

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