Day: February 1, 2007

Searching for what?

I can see stuff you can’t.  No, I don’t mean I can see stuff like Haley Joel Osment — “I see dead people.”  As my three-year-old grandson said about stuff like that — “Too scawy.”  He meant scary.  You had to be there, I guess, but it was really cute.  Anyway, although I can’t see who visits the blog, what I can see is stuff like:

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Caution: God at work

Rick Warren talks about preaching for “life change.”  Others speak of “transformational” preaching.  The goal of every preacher I know is to bring an effective message, engaging the worshippers and leading them to a new encounter with God.  It’s the “how-to” part of preaching that is hard, however.  But a book by Joel Green and Michael Pasquarello, both of Asbury Seminary, offer a helpful perspective.  The title is Narrative Reading, Narrative Preaching, and this short book provides an effective approach to the pastor’s reading and preaching of Scripture.

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