Month: January 2007

Hate the photo, love the mag

Note:  Christi, the art director, is a great sport!  See her comments.   She has promised to make me look better next time.  That would make her a real superhero!   Chuck 

So I’m thumbing through the latest issue of Outreach magazine because they told me my photo was in it, which it is on page 8.  I’m one of four bloggers selected by Outreach to do a post-a-week in 2007.  So I find my picture on the page with the other 3 bloggers, who are all in living color, while I am in glorious b&w.  The picture is cropped and I look like my grandmother — but then maybe I do look like her. 

But I digress.  As I am flipping through Outreach, I am trolling for ideas.  I have three big church-related interests in mind:

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Don’t quit!

Almost 17 years ago, in 1990, I stepped into the pulpit of the church I started in Greensboro, North Carolina and resigned.  I was tired, exhausted, and I had nothing else to say.  So I did what I had talked about doing — I quit.  Don’t quit. It’s not the solution you think it will be.  Here’s why I quit and why you shouldn’t:

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Keep up with this blog!

Like the new look?  I think it’s more readable, plus this design has some features the older design did not.  I hope you feel at home and will consider this….“A gathering place for the small-church community.”

But the big news is now you can subscribe to “Confessions of A Small-Church Pastor.”  Here’s how:

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PS — Today we hit a record on blog views!  Plus “CSCP” was featured at #9 on WordPress “100 Growing Blogs” for January 17, 2007.  Keep the buzz going!

Small is the new big

A couple of years ago Debbie and I were watching a fashion program on A&E or some other cable channel that we didn’t ask for but that the cable company gives us anyway.  The fashionistas were discussing the hottest, latest, hippest clothing lines, when one of them said, “Pink is the new black.” 

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Grow Your VBS in 5 Easy Steps

VBS 2006 Believe it or not, VBS planning time is just around the corner and I wanted to share this experience with you.  In June, 2004, about 60 kids and leaders attended our community-wide VBS.  Four churches in our small town were involved — Methodist, Baptist (that’s us), Presbyterian, and Episcopalian.  The community VBS is a long-standing tradition in our town and it’s a good one.  But, as the new pastor in town, I thought we could reach more kids and families, plus have more fun!  In 2005, we enrolled over 200 and had an average attendance each day of 181! 

How did we do it?  None of these steps is new or revolutionary, but they worked for us.  Here’s what we did: Continue reading “Grow Your VBS in 5 Easy Steps”

The Purpose-driven blog

My apologies to Rick Warren, but it’s time to talk about what we’re doing here.  I’ve been at this for a little over a month, and I’m having a ball!  But the point is to do something helpful and start some conversations.   So let’s step back and take a look at where we’ve been together. 

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Our beliefs can change the world

(This is a great story I used as introduction to a DMin paper I wrote last year.  Hope you enjoy it.  — Chuck) 


As Europe emerged from the Dark Ages, China was the undisputed master of the eastern world.  Chinese culture was centuries ahead of European culture.  While the library of the king of England contained a dozen books, China boasted public bookstores with printed volumes for sale.  China’s army was immense and its navy was the most superior ocean-going fleet in the world. 

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Last night we crossed over

We host a Boys and Girls Club downstairs in our old fellowship hall.  About 40 kids attend the club each afternoon, Monday through Friday.  We started the club about a year ago, and it has grown steadily and is now seen as a community asset.  Hosting this club was a stretch for our church, but we voted to do it, and our people have been pleased with the arrangement so far. Continue reading “Last night we crossed over”

Lyle Schaller and the Small Church

Lyle Schaller Lyle Schaller is one of the best, most insightful congregational consultants I have ever heard.  His book, Small Congregation, Big Potential, is a great resource for ministry in the small church.  Here are the 12 assumptions he makes in this book:

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The theology of the internet

Kevin Kelly I stumbled across a guy who may be the smartest person in the world.  Kevin Kelly — a founder of Wired magazine, member of thinktanks, techie nerd, futurist guru, and believer — gets my nomination for Mr. Smartguy of the Universe.  And I’m not kidding.  His writing is some of the most insightful stuff I have ever read.  Listen to this from his article, Unto Us a Machine is Born: Continue reading “The theology of the internet”