SuperBowl Sunday outreach

Anybody doing anything with the SuperBowl this year?  The big game is Sunday, February 4, with kickoff about 6:30 PM (I think, but the SB site is not clear).  Anyway, we’ve done a couple of things from in-home fellowships to last year’s big 8’x10′ screen in the fellowship hall.  We’re not doing anything this year because I’ll be at Fuller in my DMin seminar.

I know some of you are doing something, so how about sharing?  Let’s hear it from “da Bears” fans and Colts fans, too!  (Of course, if you hate football, that might be an angle as well — church as a football-free-zone.  Has possibilities.)

2 thoughts on “SuperBowl Sunday outreach”

  1. We are using our projection system to display the game on the big screen. Everyone brings food and their big comfy pillows, blankets and slippers. We are Chiefs fans but are talking about dressing for the game, ie face paint and awarding the most “fanatic” fan. The prize is a chip bowl in the shape of a football field. Of course, the winner is expected to bring it next year full of goodies! We have cartoons running downstairs for the kids, youth room is open for the teens and the non football fans are usually huddled up talking about other things. Cool part is, not everyone has the same interests, but we just enjoy hanging out together.

  2. Tunz, thanks for your comments. I like that “we just enjoy hanging out together.” That’s about the best SuperBowl Sunday activity I can think of…after my sermon, of course! Chuck

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