Day: January 22, 2007

“We will see him, again.”

Ray Chan was my first appointment on my first day in Hong Kong in the spring of 2002.  Ray was the sales manager for a windchime factory.  I had found his factory on the internet before I flew to Hong Kong.  I had exchanged emails with him, and now we were meeting for breakfast at the Holiday Inn on Nathan Road in Kowloon where I was staying. Ray was on time, I overslept, but when I got to the lobby he was waiting patiently for me. 

A young man in his 20s, Ray was well-spoken, poised, and interested in me, his new customer from the US.  After breakfast Ray drove me to his factory showroom in an industrial section of Hong Kong.  I selected some windchimes, we agreed on a price, and Ray was to have a sample for me when I returned from Shanghai in about 10-days.  He took me to dinner that night, showed me photos of his wife and family, then drove me up Victoria’s Peak for a wonderful view of Hong Kong harbor.  We hit it off, and I looked forward to seeing Ray again.

I spent several days in Shanghai, then flew back to Hong Kong on Wednesday.  My appointment to see my samples was on Thursday.  I called his office and Ray’s associate answered.  I asked for Ray.  He paused, then said, “Ray is not here.  His brother was killed in an auto accident two days ago.”  I expressed my sincere sorrow for Ray’s loss and then arranged to come in on Friday instead of Thursday. 

I had not expected to see Ray, but he was there waiting for me on Friday when I arrived at his office.  I sat down in the showroom with Ray and said, “Ray, I am so sorry to hear that your brother was killed.”  Both of us had tears in our eyes as Ray said, “Thank you.  He was a student, my younger brother.”  Then Ray said, “We are Christians.  We believe we will see him, again.” 

Sitting in an office in Hong Kong, seven thousand miles from home, I wept with my brother.   I have not seen Ray since that day, but we are Christians, and I will see him, again.

SuperBowl Sunday outreach

Anybody doing anything with the SuperBowl this year?  The big game is Sunday, February 4, with kickoff about 6:30 PM (I think, but the SB site is not clear).  Anyway, we’ve done a couple of things from in-home fellowships to last year’s big 8’x10′ screen in the fellowship hall.  We’re not doing anything this year because I’ll be at Fuller in my DMin seminar.

I know some of you are doing something, so how about sharing?  Let’s hear it from “da Bears” fans and Colts fans, too!  (Of course, if you hate football, that might be an angle as well — church as a football-free-zone.  Has possibilities.)