Day: January 19, 2007

Invitation to joy

 Communion at Belmont UMC If you read my post, Don’t Quit!, you know that I left the ministry for 13-years.  Much of that time I spent trying to get back into the pastorate, and that was hard.  But the really hard part was finding a church where we could worship and fellowship.  So much of a pastor’s life is tied up with the congregation.  Church members are your congregants, but they are also your friends and your social circle. When you lose your church, you lose your whole social network. 

That’s what happened to us when I left the pastorate.  Lonely and looking for a new church home, our experiences visiting other churches were usually disappointing.  When we visited a new church and the people discovered I was a “former pastor,” they either asked — 

  • 1) “what happened?” or
  • 2) “could you teach Sunday School next week?” 

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