Day: January 18, 2007

Hate the photo, love the mag

Note:  Christi, the art director, is a great sport!  See her comments.   She has promised to make me look better next time.  That would make her a real superhero!   Chuck 

So I’m thumbing through the latest issue of Outreach magazine because they told me my photo was in it, which it is on page 8.  I’m one of four bloggers selected by Outreach to do a post-a-week in 2007.  So I find my picture on the page with the other 3 bloggers, who are all in living color, while I am in glorious b&w.  The picture is cropped and I look like my grandmother — but then maybe I do look like her. 

But I digress.  As I am flipping through Outreach, I am trolling for ideas.  I have three big church-related interests in mind:

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