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Like the new look?  I think it’s more readable, plus this design has some features the older design did not.  I hope you feel at home and will consider this….“A gathering place for the small-church community.”

But the big news is now you can subscribe to “Confessions of A Small-Church Pastor.”  Here’s how:

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PS — Today we hit a record on blog views!  Plus “CSCP” was featured at #9 on WordPress “100 Growing Blogs” for January 17, 2007.  Keep the buzz going!

5 thoughts on “Keep up with this blog!”

  1. What in your opinion will it take to involve small churches to get involved in group efforts to do outreach at race tracks across the country? Work not words. There are 30+ oppertunities a year to minister to 100,000 plus people and far to few workers. I would love to hook them up. I am a little busy but very serious. The two things that are needed are people and dollars. I would settle for starting with the people. I will check back Tuesday.

  2. Bill, I looked briefly at your website. You’re right — lots of potential. I went to Daytona in 2002, I think (the last time Dale Earnhardt won) and it was an amazing experience! Tell me about what you do, how you do it, and what kind of help you need. I assume also you mean NASCAR tracks. Tell us how you think small churches could be involved. Of course, races are usually on Sundays, so this would be a problem for some churches. How do you deal with that? I intrigued by what you are doing and would like to know more. — Chuck

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