Day: January 16, 2007

Small is the new big

A couple of years ago Debbie and I were watching a fashion program on A&E or some other cable channel that we didn’t ask for but that the cable company gives us anyway.  The fashionistas were discussing the hottest, latest, hippest clothing lines, when one of them said, “Pink is the new black.” 

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Grow Your VBS in 5 Easy Steps

VBS 2006 Believe it or not, VBS planning time is just around the corner and I wanted to share this experience with you.  In June, 2004, about 60 kids and leaders attended our community-wide VBS.  Four churches in our small town were involved — Methodist, Baptist (that’s us), Presbyterian, and Episcopalian.  The community VBS is a long-standing tradition in our town and it’s a good one.  But, as the new pastor in town, I thought we could reach more kids and families, plus have more fun!  In 2005, we enrolled over 200 and had an average attendance each day of 181! 

How did we do it?  None of these steps is new or revolutionary, but they worked for us.  Here’s what we did: Continue reading “Grow Your VBS in 5 Easy Steps”