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My apologies to Rick Warren, but it’s time to talk about what we’re doing here.  I’ve been at this for a little over a month, and I’m having a ball!  But the point is to do something helpful and start some conversations.   So let’s step back and take a look at where we’ve been together. 

Out of 21 posts, the top 5 posts during the past 30-days have been:

  1. A Bible reading plan that worked…finally
  2. 2007 is going to be a good year
  3. The strength of small churches
  4. Congregational stats you’ll find interesting
  5. Attractional vs missional

What that tells me is that you like practical stuff that works (A Bible Reading Plan…); you like to be encouraged by the character of small churches (The strength of small churches);  you like to look at trends that affect the small church (2007 is going to be a good year); you like to know about data regarding the small church (Congregational stats…); and, you like to engage the current issues in the entire church conversation (Attractional vs missional). 

Following these, the next 5 reflected practical ideas and real-life ministry experiences.   Which means — Hey, you’re just like me!  You’re looking for stuff that works, that someone else has tried, and you’re looking for stuff that you can translate into your ministry context. 

In light of these astounding findings, I am scrapping the series of posts I prepared on Existentialism and the Neolithic Psyche.  As good as those were, here’s what I’m going to try to do from this point forward:

  1. Find more practical ideas.  Okay, I need your help with this.  If you have a good idea that worked, or one that didn’t, let me know.  We all benefit from shared successes and catastropic failures.
  2. Look at some interesting trends.  I’m a trend-nut.  I love to read that stuff and think, “what if….”  If you do to, let me know of interesting stuff you run across.
  3. Share real-life ministry experiences.  These are different from ideas.  These can be stories, encounters, conversations — real stuff that has happened to me and you.  Chances are we can all benefit.
  4. Come up with more resources.  Some of you like the resources we’re putting together.  If you have something to add to the list, let me know.
  5. Tell some good stories.  I love stories, especially stories about God at work in real life.  If you know some, send them my way. 

Until further notice (which may come at any minute), these are the official Five Purposes of the Blog — at least this one.   Let me know what you think. 

4 thoughts on “The Purpose-driven blog”

  1. I found your website through Outreach Magazine. Most of my life and ministry has taken place in small churches. I’m glad to have found you, and I’m looking forward to being part of the conversation.

  2. Hi, Shawna, thanks for your comment. Please drop in often and let me hear from you. I looked briefly at your blog and will return. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Chuck

  3. Hi Chuck —

    Greetings from S.E. Wisconsin.

    I found you sitting smugly at #4 in WordPress’s Fastest Growing Blogs a few minutes ago, and like what I see!

    I look forward to checking in often, seeing what you’re thinking and chiming in now and then.

    You’ve a great conversational writing style, should be easy to keep your readers!

    See you in the foyer! 😀


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