MacWorld bingo Okay, I can’t resist this.   I ran across a blog about MacWorld attendees — folks who go to the annual keynote address by Apple founder Steve Jobs.  It seems that attendees amuse themselves while listening to Steve Jobs talk by playing MacWorld Bingo.  Just like regular bingo, except the MacBingo card is filled with possible sayings Jobs is likely to utter.  As he utters them, players X-off each one until they have either a row, column, or diagonal covered.  Then they yell, “Bingo” — during his speech.  Okay, I don’t think anybody really did that, but it could happen.  You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?

Instead of that page in your bulletin titled, Sermon Notes — which people use to write notes to each other — why not include a SermonBingo card similar to the MacWorld Bingo card.  Put in key phrases like, “Isaiah said” and “fire and brimstone” plus a bunch of others until you fill up a bingo card.  Encourage your members to “play along” as you preach.  First one to “Bingo” gets a prize — say, the collected sermons of their favorite preacher — you.  Or something like that.  Now that’s what I call worship participation.