Day: January 7, 2007

It all started in 1857

Chatham Baptist Church Our church was founded July 28, 1857.  This year, 2007, we are celebrating our 150th anniversary with a series of events on the last Sunday of each month from January through July.  To kick off our anniversary year, this morning I preached from Isaiah 43:1-7Continue reading “It all started in 1857”

Resources page

chuck120406-72.JPG I have created a Resources page which I’ll add to periodically.   I’ll try not to do the obvious — like google “small churches” and list all the sites.  We’ve all done that already.  I’ll share with you some books I find interesting, some relevant sites, and some other stuff that may or may not be “church” stuff, but that I have found helpful, insightful, provoking, and so on.  Let me know what has been meaningful to you in your small church experience, and I’ll post it and give you credit.  The pay is incredibly small for this assignment — none — (can’t get much smaller than that), but you’ll have my undying gratitude.  I hope that’s enough!