Saturday night, again

Wow, this has been a busy week!  Here it is Saturday night, again.  Which means Sunday is next!  Fortunately, tomorrow our children present their Christmas musical, Christmas Around the World, so I’m off the hook for a sermon at 11 AM worship, but not at our 9 AM casual worship we call The Gathering.  I just found the final illustration for that sermon for tomorrow morning. 

Which brings me to the issue of time management.  Debbie, my wife, and I were discussing our time today between commitments.  I had spent most of Friday (after we did Christmas shopping) spackling the porch on our old house.  Why, you ask?  Because I had put off painting it for so long that some of the boards were actually rotting.  So today, Saturday, I jumped out of bed, ate my oats, did our morning prayer time, and then sanded the porch.  Except at 11 AM I had to quit to get ready to go to the dedication for the new Habitat for Humanity house that our church members had worked on.  Quick shower, change of clothes and off to the house site. 

The dedication was great as I led the family in lighting the candle and blessing of the rooms.  Then, I jumped back in the van, back to the house, where I quickly painted the front porch with the ugliest green paint I have ever seen.  To say it is peacock blue is an insult to peacocks everywhere.  We’ll repaint later, but the idea was to get a coat on before rain (which has caused all our problems to start with) begins next week.

Then, Debbie and I changed back into non-painting clothes to get to the church by 2 PM so we could go in the horse-drawn wagon with our kids and adults to Christmas carol for some of our homebound members.  That was great, as it is every year.

At 4 PM we’re back at the church where we dropped into the children’s Christmas party which was well under control, and then headed home to get ready for Sunday.  It is now 8:24 PM, and I am about to call it quits.  Because as Tony Campolo says, “Sunday’s coming!”  Hope yours is good and God is present in His Advent power and glory!

Oh, time management….Debbie said, in the midst of all our changing and rushing this afternoon, that we need to do the stuff where we can make a difference, where our presence is really needed.  And we need to leave the other stuff to someone else.  Like painting the porch (as you might suspect, that is my interpretation, not hers).  Peace and joy to you this Christmas season.